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Spa and Relaxation

If you want to relax and regenerate the power of life, Sri Lanka is a heaven for you. Traditional Ayurveda spa treatments and other programs like yoga and meditation therapy are available in Sri Lanka. Not only the traditional ones, but Sri Lanka is also well equipped with modern spa and relaxation therapy programs. All around the country you can find many hotels and resorts offering Spa and relaxation packages. Spa relaxation activities can heal both your body and improve the quality of spiritual life.Ayurveda spa treatments have amazing healing power. Some treatments may just calm you down and help you to relax. But, there are treatments that can possibly cure a wide range of diseases and sicknesses.

Wellness and Relaxation Trip

Sri Lanka has a wide diversity of nature, environment, and culture. So, where ever you go the experience is different and unique. While relaxing in a spa you can enjoy the calmness of nature as your taste. If you wish to enjoy the sound of the sea while improving your tan, choose a luxury coastal spa resort. All most all Sri Lankan star hotels have high-quality spa facilities.Hotels like

  • Reef Wadduwa,
  • Centera Resort and Spa
  • Taj Bentota Resort and Spa
  • Amaya Spas are the most popular coastal hotels with Spa facilities.

Wellness and relaxation trip to Sri Lanka

Reef Hotel is a five-star luxury hotel located in Wadduwa. It has refined suites in a colonial-style hotel. The Spa of Reef hotel offers varies of relaxation activities and indigenous treatments. Taj Bentota is also a 5-star hotel located on the south coast of Sri Lanka. The “Jiva Spa” of the Taj hotel offers quality Spa packages. They offer 12 different Spa indulgences that take one to five hours. The Jiva Spa is truly advance and will give you a unique relaxation experience. They also provide treatments like Traditional Bhutanese baths, Ayurveda Therapies, Indian therapies, Indian Aroma-therapies, Yoga and meditation programs, and beauty treatments.

Vendol Haridra resort is also a star hotel which is specialized in Ayurveda spa treatments. Vendol Ayurveda spa offers Ayurveda traditional massage therapies, wellness packages, special packages, and treatment packages. Special treatment packages allow you to heal yourself under the supervision of Professional ayurvedic doctors. Stress reliefs, pain relief, and sinus obstruction relief packages are the most popular of them all. The Haridra hotel also offers a signature treatment which takes two days to complete. That spa treatment can purify your blood in order to calm your body and recover from any health issue.

The east coast hotels also have a famous high-quality spa and relaxation facilities.

Anantaya Resort and Spa is a 4-star hotel located in Passikuda on the east coast of Sri Lanka. Pasikuda is a very popular tourist destination. It is famous for the beauty of its beach, sea and water sports and diving activities. The Anantaya hotel Spa has a signature range of Spa treatments to provide a perfect experience of complete wellness. They have special outdoor areas for special therapies. So, you can enjoy the beauty of the coastal line while relaxing your body and mind.

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